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I lost my stuff in end / review reward

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i wrote a review 3 days ago on 15th of July and didn't receive my prize yet: https://gyazo.com/7c18c3c693a412553f0e51696f63272d

and i also died today at 10:43 AM and right now its 3:31 PM and i still can't get my stuff and the tomb also disapeared with the key, i had a unbreaking paxel and a upgraded pickaxe that is also unbreaking with a ender pouch. i do not remember the other stuff i had but i already g2020-07-18_10_29_39.thumb.png.4f494f6d6bb726d3892dc69a8f066ea7.pngot a new armor and sword from UnderTakerin.

https://gyazo.com/06be92f2747788eda16003b92d712b44 2nd photo

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