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[Inventory Rollback Request] ByAriel88


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Your Name: ByAriel88
Coordinates: X: -4593 Y: 59 Z: 1887
Death waypoint coordinates: X:-4594 Y:59 Z: 1886 (I add this because I was flying and between those two blocks)
Time/Date: 7:09pm UTC-03:00, 27th July 2020
Description of Issue: I was with user Sil3ntKnight51 who had asked me for a ghast which I had to modify my machine to lower 2 blocks of height to generate it. While I was modifying my farm Sil3ntKnight51 went to look for a cursed lazzo, the I request tp and in turn I also request Rossthe69duck. I without realizing it, I try to kill Sil3ntKnight51 while I was fixing the farm and out of nowhere Rossthe69duck appears with a Draconic Bow killing me. He killed me inside my property I take advantage of a bug to do it. He took all my items and put them up for sale at the market. The LostItems staff being so friendly analyzed my case and sanctioned the user. He asked me to apply to get my items back.
Capture taken after I was killed

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