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[Complaint] AlphaMatheus36 (nick NotBouncer)


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Title: [Complaint] (Player Name)

In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about)

<Guard> [Premium] Nick: NOTBouncer
Real name: AlphaMatheus36


Time and date:

3rd august 2020 - 16:55 ish GMT+1


Description of what happened: (In chronological order)

I went to spawn on RLCraft in the normal overworld
Saw a person trying to hit me several times, took note of the name AlphaMatheus36
I got moved a little bit when they "rushed" into me i think this is part of how this person was able to kill me in spawn under protection
At first nothing seem to happen then out of a sudden i took a hit and got damage so somehow they bypass spawn protection
After a few more hits i died from something that this person hit me with no chatlog was made about this possibly due to being in spawn
Confronted them about pvp action in spawn and this person said "it wasn't him as he is building"
Also took note that i took significant damage to my only dragon armor which was freshly crafted and already useless now because of the damage taken on it, boots were broken, helmet is near gone and leggings / chestplate are half gone now


Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)

Was too late to make a screen, i saw them do it but before i could screen the death this player already moved away and in chat there is no written log of the occurrence so the server logs will have to be checked for this.


List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)

Unsure who else was in spawn to see this happen, there was at least one other player further away but due to death screen i already couldn't see their name

Basing on which rules could be broken by this act:
[2] No Bug Abuse/exploiting Bugs
Bypass spawn protection / killing in a protected area

[8] No PvPing with creative or spawned items
Unsure what item they hit me with but either it was a modded item or special sponsor command/item/ability they used on me

[15] No Griefing Any Protected Territory
Intentionally attempting to kill players in spawn protection and damaging worn items

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Unfortunately, due to the modified health system, even protected territories aren't pvp safe (it is forbidden though).

I am pretty sure it wasn't Alpha who killed you, however, without any proof it's pretty hard to find out the true offender in this situation, since you weren't fully aware of the situation either.

Breaking armor would take a serious number of hits which leads me to believe someone was fist-fighting you while you were afk, as that deals little to no damage to the player but still takes armor durability. For the broken items we can issue a refund if you list them down below here.

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Are there no server logs for things like these?
If you do have logs then the Guid to lookup is: b9857595-ba66-4669-a40f-e7d25e903531

Just for clarity i wasn't afk i just was looking in JEI for items to put on my todo and hear and see someone running up to me so i closed JEI.
I noticed it was AlphaMatheus36 and was about to continue with looking up items in JEI when they started doing hits on me, i hear the hits landing but see at first quite a few strikes doing no damage so i figured the protection would prevent that from working.
Then i took 1 hit for a very small amount of damage and wondered what was going on that since he is able to hit me me with something (probably mod related, a modded item or one of the skill passives).
I have regen item on me so i'm always rehealing anything so i wasn't low on anything.
Regardless he still continued until after one more such strike went through it instantly killed me.

I noticed that this player is both a premium user and pretty well established (full end-game, top in market etc) so i get that you do not want to take actions without found and solid evidence but that shouldn't exempt someone from the rules that are established for everyone.
I really hope there are server logs because otherwise all those rules you have really mean nothing because you would pretty much need to be recording everything to get them in the act and even then if they do it "out of sight" you still got nothing.

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