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[Refund Request] JoSchneider

LL cool J

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Your Name: JoSchneider
Item Name + Amount: 

Heroic Armory Pickaxes 3


1: Void Filter Phasing     Rarity Epic 

2: Smelting Lucky          Rarity:Epic    

   Enchantments : Fortune 3 Efficiency x 

3:  No Rarity 


Cavern Dimension

2879 152 -502

Description of Issue: 

The "improved backpack mod" bugged when I right clicked to open my backpack,

it corrupted and switch to my armor slot.

Afterwards my inventory was bugged and any Use action made my items switch around. I tried to restart the game but nothing seem to be working until i had put the backpacks into a chest.

Screenshots (Optional): 

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