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Add dragon blood to shop in spawn?


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So, it's been about 12 days since the server has wiped. Today, I was looking for Ice dragons to kill so I could get myself ice dragon blood so I could make ice dragonsteel so I could make a good tinkers weapon. I spent approximately 4 hours rtping all over the place, looking for snow biomes and ice dragon nests, but all of the nests that I have found have been ransacked, so no ice dragon blood, which is depressing because I've found over 20 nests and none of them have dragons. I think that adding the dragon blood to the market would be a good alternative because snow biomes are limited and its already hard to come across, any that havent been looted, of which I found 0 out of 4. They could be reasonably expensive as its dragons blood, and also I haven't really spent my money on anything other than stacks upon stacks of iron, coal and clay.

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