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Android seeds dosnt work

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this post is 2 years old and yes the seeds are broken for androids, the mod author darkosto needs to fix it, but he didn't.

but you can set up some water candles in the nether, light them with a flint and steel and wait for mob spawns, then swab the android and craft the swab (with the dna on it)  with a wheat seed and xp bucket to gm food, feed this to an adult chicken, it explodes and drops a spawnegg for a spawner.

or capture a elite android with a mob inprisonment tool for the mob duplicator machine, it works like a spawner, but needs mob essence from the mob crusher and energy.

or get capturing enchant from the hellshelf enchanting table, same setup as vanilla, but with hellshelves.

spacer.png<---- hellshelf table

to prevent other dumb answers / questions, i close it

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