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Keys Issue


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I am new around here, but the server and community seem great so far! I purchased the Premium+ rank on Revelations. The rank and keys transferred fine. I am able to use the creative mode code just fine too. But when I tried to redeem the keys, it said that I couldn't. When I looked at the legendary and vote keys it said that they were spawned in by me ... which is wrong, I got them from the purchase of the rank. But for some reason the system thought I had spawned them in. I assume this is because I had entered the creative mode code? Maybe? I don't know. So I immediately dropped the keys in the 'delete' box in the inventory screen because I did not want to be carrying around something the system might flag as against the rules.

Anyway, I care less about the keys. If they can be refunded then that'd be great. I care more about the system potentially flagging my attempt to use the keys I got from a rank as an attempt to use duped or spawned in keys, which is not the case at all. I hope all is good.



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