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[Refund Request]*AdmSirRed*


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Your Name: AdmSirRed
Item Name + ID + Amount:  Ice Dragonbone Spear , 5148 ,1 
Base Coordinates: -4284 16892
Description of Issue: I was mining when a massive amount of mites began spawning and lagging everything. I manage to hit them to kill them off but my main spear weapon simply vanished. This was at 11:06 PM Pacific time on 8/28/2020
Screenshots (Optional): 


the weapon was enchanted with several Enchants. The following being those I recall off hand. All seem to carry an item number of 0403

Upgraded potentials 

Supreme Sharpness V 

Rune Piercing capabilities IV

Arc Slash III

Adept III

Education III

Curse of Possession

Lifesteal IV

Unbreaking III

Advanced Mending

thanks for looking into this!

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