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[Refund Request] Regiex


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Your Name: Regiex
Item Name + Amount: 
1 Diamond Pickaxe with Unbreaking 10, Fortune 6  efficiency 5, Sages Blessing 5, Siphon, Range 5

1 Silk touch Diamond Pickaxe
Emerald axe with Siphon, Efficiancy 5 and Silk touch
2 golden Lassos
A squid inventory pet
A wizard hat
Sorcerer boots
C418 Mall Music disc
A specter sword
Wooden fishing rod with Unbreaking 3 and Luck of the sea 3
A Looting X sharpness V diamond sword
32 bottles of enchanting
Night vision Helmet
Neptunium chestplate
59 fruit salads (don't ask lol)

(idk if its even possible to refund mega loot stuff but)
Mega Loot Rare viking pants with knockback resist and heath boost 3, Enchanted with Unbreaking 3 and Fire protection 3 (At base provided 2.36 armor toughness and 7.5 armor)
Mega Loot Epic viking boots with health boost 2 (At base provided  5.3 armor toughness and 6.01 armor)
Mega Loot Rare Strength 2 Bauble

Coordinates: X 885 Y 86 Z 621

Description of Issue: I was walking down from the top of my mansion below a village that my friends and I spawned from giant chance cubes and when I walked over a cobblestone fence I took damage, my friend said "uhh you just died "(somehow instantly through 3 health bars and around 23 armor with 10 armor toughness) then the server crashed. When it came back I was indeed dead, but my corpse gravestone didn't spawn, and thus I lost everything. I dug all the way from there to bedrock to confirm it did in fact not spawn.
Screenshots (Optional): Screenshots of what should have been in my grave had it spawned





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