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Need to be added to my old island

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So a while back I played on the craftersland sf3 server for quite a bit and stopped playing for a few months or so within that time I had my Minecraft account hacked and couldn’t get access to it even after tech support from mojang three times so I made a new account and wanted to get back into sky factory 3 and remembered this server so I got on here and started an island then realized i could possibly be added back to my old island so to sum things up I was wondering if there would be any way I could be added back to my old island my current username is EpicSn1pez02 my old user was epic_sn1pez02 I had two friends that were also added on the old island one was bojang and the other scrumptioussss if that helps prove it’s my island if not I am willing to answer anything just wana have a fun time and not have to restart from the beginning again thanks for you time

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