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inventory rollback request(my shulker box)


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Your Name: Sugar4Smile
Coordinates: 120 81 -3239
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): around 9~10 pm GMT+9 9/5/2020
Description of Issue: there was the lightblue colored shulker box named important enchants was in my inventory and that box is gone i don't know why... there was like supereme sharpness 5 and supreme flame.. mortalitas 8 strengthened vitality 5. my most important enchants. i really need those back...

there were full of shulker box but i'll only write that i remember that was there.

2 supereme sharpness 5 / 2 strengthened vitality 5 / 1 mortalitas 8 / 1 infinity / 2 upgraded potential / 2 curse of possesion / 1 strafe 4 / 1 rapid shot 2 / 2 adv protection 4 / 1 adv thorns 3 / 2 arc slash 3  this 17 enchanted book is the most important enchants that i remember... i can't remember what was the last 10 enchants...
Screenshots (Optional):

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