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buycraft issue Mr_frootloops


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Please make the title of your post [Buycraft Issue]*name*

In game name: Mr_frootloops

Proof of Purchase: po3 rank - 8R459540RF1003331

                                dw20 rank - (couldnt find transaction number for this one if it needs more proof then just shoot the msg and ill send full screenshot of the paypal email but i do have the recipet number) --- 0642-9336-0191-6261

Description of Issue: so i have bought the dw20 p+ and po3 vip i got the ranks switched so now its (p+ for po3 and vip for dw20) but on the website i have it the same where i bought p+ for dw20 so i get the amount i technically already paid for half off for exp, sponsor but since i wanna donate to po3 for sponsor i was wondering if i could get that amount off for that server (20 on po3 purchase for sponsor instead of 45) 

Date/Time of Purchase: dw20 - november 29, 2019

                                         po3 - 29th July 2020

Items/Rank Bought: po3 - vip / dw20 - p+ (i did get them switched between the server)

Screenshots (Optional): if needed i am pretty much on 24/7 so i can send them if needed

Any other important information: if needed of anything else my discord is the same as my name on here ( Mr_frootloops ) also i may understand this might take longer then 2 days so i was wondering because i was hoping to get this figured out before the po3 discount is over (2 days from when this is posted ) if maybe i could get an exception to the discount due to this issue? thank you and i shall be awaiting to respond with anything needed to help this go faster/go through

Proof of purchase includes: PayPal Receipts, Transaction ID, and The Confirmation Email you received



Try harder.

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added the context of why i need this issue solved under (any other important information)
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