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Ban the twilight forest


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Hi, I think it would be for the interest of the server if the twilight forest was to be banned. While someone (even a single player) is inside of the twilight forest the server takes a nosedive, with tps dropping to around 3-4 on a good day, and even dropping to as low as 0.1 tps (as seen a week or so ago). I believe this lag is caused by the fact that chunks don't unload once you load them in there and therefore are only unloaded once the server restarts.  With the twilight forest being in the pack, or any server which requires it, it often makes it unplayable, machines taking literally 5 or so times more time to do anything, blocks being required to be broken several times, and restarts happening at least once every 10min (due to auto-restart from low tps). As well as this, just today, there has been a server crash because of it, resulting in a semi rollback (only invs ) as shown by both myself losing items, as well as Thewraith01 losing most of his items due to losing a satchel due to the safe semi rollback.  

Some people may say that the mod is needed for the pack, I would agree, however, these issues can be worked around, For some quests, trophies are required to pass them. For this, the shop could sell spawn eggs for these bosses, players could simply fight them in the hunting dimension or even at their base if they chose to do so. As well as this, it would make the bosses easier to find, and it wouldn't make it a fight over the limited number of bosses in the twilight (as I believe there is a world border for that too?)
The other issue players may see about this, are the items you can get from the twilight only. These items which include torchberries, crystal ore, Fiery ingots, armour shards, borer essence, simple crystals, raw meef and mystical flowers and venison (for cosmic meatballs). could be made available at the spawn shop. There is more than enough room to expand the shop without building anything new, I think that these items shouldn't be overpriced because it is being banned for the sake of the server and therefore it shouldn't make anyone's life harder than it has to. 
I may have missed items, but I invite people to add onto any that I have missed down below

Overall I think that it is a good idea to ban the twilight forest to make the server more playable, with less lag and with less frequent restarts. With the little extra work needs doing to make the pack still possible, I believe it will still be worth it, both for staff not having to do as frequent profilers, and rollbacks due to items lost to lag, but as well to players who will be able to play the pack as intended. 

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I agree and fully support this. Progressing through the pack shouldn't have to result in making other players suffer and cause the server to become unstable. there are too many items for armor plus and extended crafting to outright remove TF from the server since it would mess with item recipes, but having the items needed to craft in the shop would fix a lot of the issue caused simply by stepping into the portal. Simple crystal as far as I can tell is the only special ore that spawns there, so moving it to another dimension would be a huge help. The main issue is to make the simple crystals with lordcraft You need the arcane forge which takes demon will. which you cant get without using snares that have simple crystal in the recipe. its a big circle of relying on being the only person online for long enough that it isnt a bother if the server restarts. But the odds of being solo are so small its ujst about impossible.

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Ive thought of an other probably easier to implement method. have a /trade setup where you trade one normally obtainable items(or stacks of items) for the required Twilight items, So like the yeti fur trade a stack of carpets or wool for a lesser amount of yeti/alpha yeti fur. Armor shards from the knights could be some sort of mid game ingot and so on. Base the trade value to match the progression point that requires the item?


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