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Item refund request


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Your Name: JustAPal
Item Name + Amount: 

Maxed out: Power armor helmet, chestplate, legs, claw x1

Creative builders wand x1

Flux sword (sharpness 5, fire aspect 2, knockback 2, unbreaking 3, looting 3) x1

Flux pickaxe (unbreaking 3 efficiency 5 fortune3) x2

Diamond blocks x64

Flux sword x10

Flux shovel (eff 5, Unbreaking 3, fortune 3)

Coordinates: 1689  45 -3949

Description of Issue: I was hanging out at a friends town and he killed me for laughs. When he tried to return my stuff he tried to return in in his town (where I couldn't pick it up) so we moved to wilderness and when he returned my stuff a bunch of it was gone. It lasted less than a minute so it wasn't the normal despawn timer and server must have decided to despawn the stuff because why not.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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