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[ItemShops Request] Add some extra items to spawn shop


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So basically, since explosions are disabled on server, no matter what claim setting... Would be nice if someone could add 2 items to spawn shop.


1. Mad Scientist Bee

Theres no way to make this mutation work.

As on screenshot of how to make this bee: 


None of below explosions work:

Mini TNT (ae2), Gunpowder Explosive (vanilla), Dynamite (cyclic), TNT (dark utilities), Obsidian TNT (mekanism)

Further going, tried claiming land in both nether and end, in both cases was messing with claimflags as seen:


And still, explosions dont destroy blocks, so they dont count as real explosion by forestry requirements for apiary bee breeding.

So yeah, adding "Mad Scientist Queen" is pretty mandatory for anyone that chose Bee-way of lifestyle ?

Id, name, meta, below:



2. Compressed Iron (basically there is only 1 tnt that works to make compressed iron, but it would be proper way to add it to spawn, since many ppl may have problem with it without anyone's assistance)

Id, name, meta, below:


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