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[RLCRAFT] Item refund request


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Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : RLCRAFT

In-Game Nickname :Hodrick


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Dragon(an actual dragon)


Description of the situation : I was flying tru a icy biome and got instantly killed by a dragon when i was traveling i had Flamed Dragonbone Rapier(with Sharpness 4,Mending, Unbreaking 3, Vampirism And Envenomed enchants), fairy ring,Dragon's eye, Mixed color dragon scale,Obsidian Shield, Obsidian Skull, 2 Potion Ring Of Regeneration, Tool belt and a cross necklace


Screenshots/Video Proof:2020-10-07_17.47.54.png2020-10-07_17.47.51.png  I don't have screenshots or video proof for the fairy ring and mixed color dragon scale because i just had got it at the moment and didnt get any screenshots/video proof


Players that can confirm your situation: PassengerFox Saw me with all that gear several times

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