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[Refund Request]*Brostyse*


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Your Name: Brostyse
Item Name + Amount: Fire dragon stage 3 (350HP)
Coordinates: 1317/88/1352
Description of Issue:

Exscuse me to disturb you but i have a problem in the server R.A.D and my problem is when i play quietly in the server R.A.D and I buy a fire dragon's egg and I buy a fire dragon egg that I made hatch and climbed to level three so that I could climb for the moment everything is fine but a restart from the waiter arrived so I took care to put my dragon in its "Pokeball" or dragon horn but after the server is back online my dragon's aren't in his "pokeball" and it's not around me so he dispawned so I'm asking for a refund for a level 3 fire dragon and I forgot I bought the dragon yesterday.

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