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Modpack Suggestion, Chroma technology


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Not sure where to suggest this, But this modpack (Chroma Tech) is pretty extensive. Its a kitchen sink 1.12.2 pack better than Revelations IMHO. Been playing it a lot lately and to be honest I would really really rather be playing it on craftersland than this other... dreadful... place. Lots of stuff to do as usual with kitchen sink Packs, pretty good end game, No EMC thank goodness, recipes are tweaked a bit, lots of questing to be done. you will probably need about 8GB Ram to run smoothly. (I know not everyone can play these large modpacks). Too many Skyblock packs out there, they get real boring real fast. Where I am, unfortunately, playing with Chroma Technology, it's always a queue to actually play, lots of people seem to like it. Feel free to move this where it should go. This Post. It is a relatively new modpack compared to others. Like i said LOTS to do. All the usual suspects are in it. Lots of new ones, which I think everyone can appreciate having to do the same things but different.

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