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admin as you now about my group and me [devil official69,1Mrwanted1,dawooddogar99 and me Danish420420]
some days ago we duped helbrd and you catch us so we give you back helbrd and you ban me and wipe me.
but my group still duping things again and again i warn them but the are not listening they duping books and more stuff
in our group only dawood now how to duped things he gave us thing by duping them i'm done and i leave there group 
now i'm here for fair play wipe them plees just 2 days ago they again do duped of curse of possesseion 
now all your work sir

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Moved from Network to RLC. Please check the forum you are posting this next time. Network is for vanilla servers, modded has its own section.

And I dont really understand if this is a complaint, unban request or whatever so Ill post it in General. Thanks!

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