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[Town Removal] - spider_spawner


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Your Name: Datsu_
Town Name: spider_spawner
Coordinates of Town: x: 3328 y: 28 z:-1223
Town members: Eralyen
Reason for request: We recently just started on the server and we built a small house in the ground and made quite a bit of progress for about 3 hours, I then come to find that we cannot claim using the golden shovel so I obviously I look into the MyTown plugin and try to create a town, sadly this town was too close to our house (3 chunks) which meant I couldn't create the town inside our house, therefore, I've spent money on making a town but its in the complete wrong place. This town was only made for the spider spawner it seems, under the name of "spider_spawner" and only has one member which was last online about 3 months ago. 
Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 


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