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Anchoring items broken


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so I anchored my items as the description on anchoring is that it stays with you even if you die and thing is it works for baubles so i thought it would be the same for other items like sword or pickaxe but for some reason theĀ opposite happens, it deletes the item as if it never existed. happened twice i thought that it might have despawned but that would include the rest of my inventory. so i just continued unbothered but then i died another time with another item i anchored(because i didnt know it was causing thins to disappear when you die) and it disappeared. please fix :(


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Hey, hopefully the inventory rollback brought your lost items back.

It appears as though there is an issue with the spectral anchor and spongeforge (the server platform we're running on) https://github.com/lumien231/Random-Things/issues/463
There's not much we can do about that except for waiting for the mod dev to release a fix (if they even decide to fix it).

I recommend you switch to another, more reliable item that achieves the same thing, like the charm of keeping.

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