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FTB Revelation time for WIPE? Vote here!


REV Wipe  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Is it time for a FTB Revelation Server WIPE?

    • YES! Time for a reset, new map seeds and a fresh start for all.
    • NO! The server is fine, no WIPE needed.
    • I don't care, just show me the results.

This poll is closed to new votes

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  • Founder


Hi guys,

Last server WIPE was on 13 March 2020, the map is about 7 months old, there may be still some room for new bases on the main world however got some requests for a WIPE from players, and the server player base got smaller.

As part of WIPE this means all data except ranks will be WIPED, we will provide a world download, existing ranks can be re-activated and all maps will get new seeds. It will be a fresh start for all.


You can check the current live map here: LIVEMAP


Please vote and let us know if we should next. Thanks

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  • Founder
20 hours ago, _xXx_Reaper_xXx_ said:

Hello Brunyman,

When will the vote be closed ?
What will happend for people who just bought stuff few days ago ?
And just a suggestion, don't you think it could be interresting to apply a weekly wipe of the nether ? Because I think that actually it's only on RFTOOL world.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Hi, you can have your VIP perks re-activated, currently we only do a partial reset on Nether once a month, we only remove regions that haven't been loaded in the last week. We do a weekly reset for RFTools and The End worlds.

We will close the vote pool today or tomorrow.

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I have been giving this much thought. Mostly to just not say anything and let it happen. But I have been coming to Craftersland Minecraft for several years and have gone through my share of wipes on Infinity Evolved and Revelations and my wife and I probably represent some of the more older players on have on this site. For various reasons, it takes us a bit more time to reach a mature end game level than others. We would like to be able to enjoy it for a while. However, this time does does not seem to be the case.

Is it relevant in any way that 13 of the 25 votes for a wipe are from people that have been members for less than 6 months? In fact 5 or 6 of the voting members are a month or less.

I would only ask that you wait 3 to 4 weeks to see if your player base starts to increase again. There could be other factors other than a not so old Main World that your player base decreased. It might head back up again.

Just some food for thought.

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