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[Refund] graket (Red Matter Helmet w/ Unbreaking 4 and Soulbound 3)


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Your Name: graket

Item Name + Amount: Red Matter Helmet, Unbreaking 4 book, Soulbound 3 book
Coordinates : N/A
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/A
Description of Issue: In the Wireless Crafting Terminal, since it is halloween, your model looks like that of a Wither Skeleton wearing a Jack O' Lantern. If you attempt to remove or add armor to yourself it attempts to add it to "entity.player" while the wither skeleton is not a player entity, causing a crash. I took the helmet off, crashed, and it got despawned.

Edit: Apparently using the Wireless Crafting Terminal AT ALL will cause a crash because of the stupid wither skeleton model.

Screenshots (Optional): 



Screenshot 2020-10-31 004509.jpg

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