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inv rollback


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Your Name:  wfuzzypup
Coordinates: a random dungeon I fell into,
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): nov, 15, I say around 4:40 was right before the thing happened.
Description of Issue: saw this cool dungeon went into it, was anticlimatic at first, then something oneshot me, and so I asked for help, I had destiny and vargurinn help me kill /distract it so I can pick my stuff up, but my stuff already was gone, Clear lag got it withing 10ish seconds of my dying. Please fix this, or give us a warning.
Screenshots (Optional):

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Thanks, I got my sword and baubles back, but I didn't my enchant tools, or my enchanted dragon scale armor. The tools were just diamond, with eff 5, unbr 3, mending, i think the axe had versatile. 
my armor was lvl 30 enchant with some added enchants via anvil.
Helmet: prot 4, unbr 3, mending, burning thorns 3,

chestplate: strengthened vitality 2, unbr 3, mending, prot 4, inner besserk 2,

leggings: adv proj prot 1, unbr 3, mending, evasion 2, 

leggings: prot 4, unbr 3, mending.


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