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After wipe server Issues

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A number of issues have been noticed recently either from the server wipe or even more recently from the latest raid world reset.

The end portal at spawn does not seem to work. This has been for a couple days. (/warp end works though)

The end portal inside the end to get out does not seem to be active either, there is also no end dragon to s

It seems the fixed Lycanites mobs have now been reverted back to their broken counterparts. (Such as reapers being pelicans again) 

Increased server wipes/lag clears. This is a little harder to pin down, but it relates to the greatly increased amounts of item replacement requests. The wipe is happening so fast that I have noticed a few cases of loot vanishing the moment a mob dies, such as dragon eggs vanishing as the dragon dies, tower loot vanishing just after golem death or the chest destruction, and a more dangerous situation with sticky mobs where your item is wiped in the window of time when the sticky effect happens. A lot of these leave no room for the player to properly respond to retrieve either their loot or their item. (this does relate to dying and then your stuff being gone to fast to get back to it, but that at least can be avoided by being more careful and not dying in the first place)

Your items drop when killed at spawn. Some people have mentioned getting killed by others and losing stuff because of this.

Your items also all drop if killed in your own claim.

Huge concern: The random Lycanites events are mostly fine, though I am not sure if there meant to happen. The biggest threat though is from the Eruption event which spawn Vulcans. These mobs can bypass the claim protect and destroy any cobblestone they come in contact with which could wreak havoc on many players bases.

Dragons de-spawning and vanishing mid flight has also been a big concern for people since they cant get it back after.


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