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After wipe server Issues


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A number of issues have been noticed recently either from the server wipe or even more recently from the latest raid world reset.

The end portal at spawn does not seem to work. This has been for a couple days. (/warp end works though)

The end portal inside the end to get out does not seem to be active either, there is also no end dragon to s

It seems the fixed Lycanites mobs have now been reverted back to their broken counterparts. (Such as reapers being pelicans again) 

Increased server wipes/lag clears. This is a little harder to pin down, but it relates to the greatly increased amounts of item replacement requests. The wipe is happening so fast that I have noticed a few cases of loot vanishing the moment a mob dies, such as dragon eggs vanishing as the dragon dies, tower loot vanishing just after golem death or the chest destruction, and a more dangerous situation with sticky mobs where your item is wiped in the window of time when the sticky effect happens. A lot of these leave no room for the player to properly respond to retrieve either their loot or their item. (this does relate to dying and then your stuff being gone to fast to get back to it, but that at least can be avoided by being more careful and not dying in the first place)

Your items drop when killed at spawn. Some people have mentioned getting killed by others and losing stuff because of this.

Your items also all drop if killed in your own claim.

Huge concern: The random Lycanites events are mostly fine, though I am not sure if there meant to happen. The biggest threat though is from the Eruption event which spawn Vulcans. These mobs can bypass the claim protect and destroy any cobblestone they come in contact with which could wreak havoc on many players bases.

Dragons de-spawning and vanishing mid flight has also been a big concern for people since they cant get it back after.


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I am adding to this as an update since none of the above seemed to have been addressed in anyway. 

The more advanced players on the server can work around most of these issues and more importantly know to work around them. However, it has been regularly noticed that lots of new players to the server are quickly becoming discouraged from playing due to all of the issues that make early play extremely frustrating and in some cases unplayable. 

The random lag clears and item wipes seem to do nothing to actually resolve lag but makes dying an almost guaranty loss of everything that dropped due to it instantly wiping with no chance of actually recovering. This can be very discouraging to new people since not dying is not really an option so early on along with the fact that they have no control over the sudden wipes which can constantly push people back to square one.

The backpacks have been another source of headache mostly for new players who don't know that using them is not safe. People are constantly loosing their stash of items by bags simply not working properly or vanishing when trying to place them as well as causing issues if you die with one on. New players have no idea how buggy these are and it can be a pretty big hit to loose everything stored in a backpack. These really should be fixed or just removed to keep people from suffering such losses. They really don't server a big purpose once you learn the teleport commands and home commands but new players just don't know that.

The lycanite event spawns have also continued to wreak havoc on peoples basses since the claim function does not protect them from some of the creatures these events spawn. Random events in raid make sense and would seem to cause very few issues, but random events in the overworld don't make as much sense and cause a number of issues especially with lag since often times the mobs are just left around wherever people where.

Spawn killing has become a regular issues especially bye new players who either don't know better or are those just looking to grief. This is especially problematic during the vote parties when everyone gathers and people try and kill the less geared newer players to steal their keys. Or they get killed by the fireworks not knowing they can damage you.

it has also been asked by many why there is no timer or countdown when lag clear hits. I know this is random due to stress on the server but it seems like it would still be possible to have a small countdown before the actually clear hits, but I am not certain on the workings of this system. 

I have seen many new players joining the server but few rarely continue playing after running into so many problems that essentially reset their work or make the game completely unenjoyable. 

Most of these issues never existed before the server wipe with things being much more stable and predictable.


it would be nice to get a little more feedback or see if some of these things can be addressed. It is unfortunate seeing so many people joining the server just to give up from all the buggy issues and never come back.

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