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This Guy Who Is Spawn Killing Everyone

The Quitten

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Minecraft Username: ELIKERPR099

Time and Date: 2:50 11/28/20

Description of what happened: it all started with me looking for a new server to play (this is my first RL craft public server i like it) i join decided i wanted to donate bc its really cutesy and never played on a public rl craft server didnt even know they existed.  anyways not even an hour into the game this guy randomly attacks me and i shrugged it off then he kept randoimly hitting me and hitting me and hitting me then he killed me. about twice. then had been killing others in the server and theres this guy in the server by the user name Obeliske. who instead of being helpful was being quiet problematic. so here i am not even an hour into this server lost everything i paid for in the safe zone. and now im making a ticket...

Screenshots (Or anything else) of Proof: https://media.discordapp.nunknown.png

List of eyewitnesses imjesus7, Myself Liaw72 (who btw is so sweet) we watched him kill this player in spawn as well

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