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Abuse of gm1 and rank Premium.


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Hello, I wanted to report the following players: Matix1000, BabelUno_, FearThisGoD, THEYOSEF7, IjustRecktedYou and JPC_Slayer, all these players invaded my house, FearThisGoD broke through the walls and teleported them inside my house, then started putting quartz blocks (my base It is all protected) then I disconnected and when I returned it was all full of quartz, and lava, then FearThisGoD told matix by discord to enter pure survival, and the 3 sponsors began to fill the entire base with lava, I attached the tests:

1- https://imgur.com/gallery/AN5SDbD
2- https://imgur.com/gallery/Cbsgq3g
3- https://imgur.com/gallery/LlIcNgJ

It gave me a lot of helplessness that happened on Monday night, since with my partner @VoyagerZ we have been building the base for more than 2 months with sheer effort and spending many hours on the server, I don't know how this type of people is allowed on a server as good as CraftersLANDS is. I would like and would put me in good condition that they make the appeal quickly and the players pay for their fact.

I have no more evidence than that, I hope you do something about it, since I have invested a lot of time in the server, in advance, thank you very much.

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