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[unban] Matix1000


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

(translated by deepl) This situation is linked to the report made by VoyagerZ, he named me in that report, without the evidence to show that I was there, I received a one week (7 day) ban.I think the ban is unfair in the sense that the person named me but has no pictures where it says I did something against him.

You can see the origin of all this, here:

[3] Ban Category:

Rule 15 - Griefing protected fields i guess

[4] Ban Duration:

1 week

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

Check the banlist, is also useful.

Evidence, try to find me:




[7] Your Reason:

 (translated by deepl) The evidence shown above does not prove my involvement in the events that occurred, therefore, the ban is in some way inappropriate (with that pictures). Yes, I was connected on the server, this is clear, but I was not at the scene, at most I was after the fact.


*(for the staff) sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused

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"(translated by deepl)*
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