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Item refund request


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Your Name: Obeliske

Item Name + ID + Amount:  10 vote keys

Base Coordinates: not applicable
Description of Issue: So I did this a few days ago (there's a post in the forums) where I turned my keys into spawned by keys by being in creative when I did my votes. They were replaced and I really appreciate it. Today I had it happen where I pulled 10 out of my /enderchest while in creative to give to my girlfriend (we play together at night when she's off work so I usually do the votes early in the day and give half to her when she's online) they were tagged as spawned by me and made unusable. If it's not to much hassle I would appreciate a hand with this again though apparently I didn't learn my lesson the first time so if you don't want to I completely understand. I'll just give her all my keys tomorrow :P
Screenshots (Optional): not applicable

It happened a little after 5pm MST (GMC-7) 02/12/20

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