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In-Game Nickname: Unsure



Time and date: Sometime between 30/11/20 and 02/12/20 



Description of what happened: I had an area of land and often traveled the coast. I finished building there and moved on and gave the area to Slov3, I happened to end up in the area underground not even realizing where I was due to helping IMJUSTBUD with a dragon nest (that turned out to be done). I headed to the surface and discovered an X pattern straight down into the middle of the nest in exactly the same way that the pick with the tunneling enchant digs. No other point of entry on the walls except where BUD came in. It's very obvious somebody was just traveling along on the surface saw the dragons nest underground and went for it.

I'm unsure if the devs here have the ability to see the history of objects that have been interacted with and see who last interacted with em so this may all be moot but this is about as much proof as a player can get about xraying and I have no other way to follow up so let me know if these types of reports are useful please so I don't waste your time or my own.



Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/5296BsI



List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)

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