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Spawn Killing R4IN336 and wfuzzypup


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In-Game Nickname: R4IN336 and wfuzzypup



Time and date: About 12:30 PST 08/12/20



Description of what happened: R4IN336 started killing people at spawn, some people tried to kill them, they didn't take damage (I believe they were in creation mode). Lots of killings later wfuzzypup killed him after being told not to and that mods had already stated retaliatory kills at spawn will be treated as kills at spawn. wfuzzypup said they didn't care and proceeded to kill R4IN336 who apparently left creative (then reentered assumingly to spawn new gear and keep killing people). wfuzzypup was not even one of the people who was killed in pvp they just went there to fight and kill.



Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/W0P9j1w



List of eyewitnesses: Took a screenshot of those online

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