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[Refund Request] VoidicFang


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Your Name: Voidic Fang
Item Name + ID + Amount: 
Ring of the Fairies Undying Quality, xat:fairy_ring, 1 
Nether Stars (To Put Undying Quality back on the ring, I'll throw away spares), 
minecraft:nether_star, 64
Dragon's Eye Undying Quality, 
xat:dragons_eye, 1
Glowing Ingots (To put the quality on the eye),xat:glowing_ingot , 64
Strengthened Vitality II on Diamond Chestplate, minecraft:enchanted_book, 1

I have lots of diamonds, the enchant was the important part on the plate.

Other items were either saved by curse of possession, or are unimportant.

Base Coordinates:  -966, 762, 75
Description of Issue: I instantly died of suffocation upon returning home. I don't know how, I may have flown into a bugged block during lag, before I used my current /home command. Or it may have something to do with teleporting onto a floor of slabs. Either way the teleport and the destination both were clear, or at least look clear on my client.
Screenshots (Optional): None During the incident, sorry. I could gather witnesses of my suffocation death if needed.


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