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[unban] [theblacksoldier2]


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In-Game Username:


[2] Details of Situation:

today I was banned for using lava in my own house

[3] Ban Category:

Griefing 1st offense Rule #15 PS

[4] Ban Duration:

7 Days

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots: this is a proof that this is my house (I was showing it to a friend)


[7] Your Reason:

We were building our houses and we had to remove the protections to make modifications in them, The player JPC_Slayer at that time has used protections to rob our houses and has broken our things (we have not accepted TP, he has arrived with the livemap) and has said that It would only return the house to us if we destroyed the server spawn (this player has already been banned for that due to evidence) I used lava to try to scare him out of my house, but I was not destroying someone else's house, I was using it in my house so I consider that the ban does not correspond. Despite this, I myself removed all the lava and things that I had put in and I have left there.
I understand that it is not something well seen but what I have done has not been to harm or annoy another player or the server, I did it to recover my house and defend my things. for these reasons I request that the bann be removed from my account

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