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[Complaint] (BradleyTd89)


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In-Game Nickname: N/A :: D34DPlayer


Your Nickname (optional): BradleyTd89


Time and date: 5:00pm EST ( 1/2/2021)


Description of what happened: On December 24, 2020  a hungry node was released when my mouse spazzed out; which ate/destroyed over a quarter of my base taking 1000's of coins, loot bags, vote keys and much more.

I posted and after almost 2 weeks (Dec 24 - Jan 2) my town was rolled back. I had specifically asked for a single chunk to be rolled back.

After my entire town was rolled back I posted again stating that I lost almost 2 weeks worth of playtime and that this was not what I requested; and if it could be returned to the way it was prior to the rollback on 1/2/2021

In the Forums D34dPlayer posted that he did not read my post properly and that I was ineligible for a town rollback as-per their rules about what qualifies for a rollback.

He then rolled my base back to, what I am guesstimating as 1/1/2021

I posted again stating that nothing was right, alot was missing and still cannot get any help or reply.



Screenshots or Proof:  https://imgur.com/AXnka8M 


List of eyewitnesses: Anyone who can read the forums post.



This was lack of attention to detail. I have donated several times to other servers in the CraftersLand network and this is not how someone who puts forth their hard earned money should be taken care of.

Thank you for your time.

IGN: BradleyTd89 

(Ultimate Reloaded, GT:NH, Vanilla, SF4)

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