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1 hour ago, KSV_Hunter said:

i was only building something in creative on the survival server 

It is true, but you weren not building for yourself, you were building for two other players who don not have permission (Creative)

You made farms for the players with mob egg taken from the creative (they had the spawn by KSV_Hunter) after a few seconds you broke all the farms

I explained to you at that moment what you did 

[8] No PvPing with creative or spawned items:

  • 1st offense = 1 day ban
  • 2nd offense = 2 day ban
  • 3rd offense = 4 days ban
  • 4th offense = 12 days ban

This includes any special permission that may have been given by Sponsor command requesting. If you abuse Sponsor commands then you will lose all requested commands and the ability to request more commands. Flying while pvp is a 15 minute jail as a 1st offense, the following this rules' offenses

Using the creative permission to benefit other players is an abuse of the permission granted by the Premium+ rank

for the next Unban Requests you must follow the following template:


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