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Admin abuse/Potential grief

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So i uinlocked my island to visitors and the first thing I see when i get back is obsidian over 4/5 of my bonsai pots, all broken and all the blue mulch stolen, and 1 block of my seared brick furnace like what??? my friends have theorized that most of the objects placed were causing lag for the server but like wtf?????

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this topic belongs to SkyFactory 4

he asked this on discord and I explained what happened to his island, I'll say it again though, if a block made too much lag it'll turn to obsidian block, if you want your items to be refund make a refund request following this template: [TEMPLATE] Refund Request - [SkyFactory 4] Technical Support , and post it in SkyFactory 4 Technical Support section.


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that's not a potential grief or admin abuse
edge has removed the bonsais/pipes with obsi and from your smeltery the block too cause they've caused lags.
and btw. there are only 50 bonsais allowed per island... PER ISLAND! not per player! and that's the rules!  but you had like 115-120 bonsais and they were way too much...
i'm still wondering why he hasn't cut your smeltery, the smeltery is way too far big... if you have or want make fluids in this gigantic thing it will cause lags, so i give you the advice cut the half of your smeltery, that's more than enough.

and please use bufferchests under the bonsais, bonsais on pipes can also cause lags.

or feel free to come to my island and watch and rebuild my bonsai farm, it turns the stuff from bonsais into ingots or blocks fully automatic. (it should mostly be lag friendly, i checked it with lag goggles)

and please try to get a ME system, the simple storage is crap and can cause massive lags when it's get bigger or you try autocrafting with it.

another good advice for you, stop saying ppl should press alt+f4 if someone asks something in the chat and stop being rude and trolling in the chat.


btw. the anti lag plugin can turn laggy blocks, etc. into obsidian, so please reduce lag sources and build your island lag friendly.


if you won't accept the rules and won't reduce the lag sources, then feel free to play on another server that has no rules where you can build a lag machine of doom... that's my opinion.


if you want your bonsais, mulch, pipes and the smeltery block, make a refund request as asood said.


sry that i wrote so much, but i had to say it!

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