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[Command Rollback Request]k3Pandas


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Your Name:  k3Pandas
Coordiantes: -6220 105 -3479
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 1/13/21 (roll back to 1:50 PM)
Description of Issue: Accidently mined out half of Polychromate's base using draconic pick.
Screenshots (Optional): 


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9 hours ago, Ness27 said:

I teleported to the base, it looks like it is your own claim.

Why did you clear out your entire base with the draconic pickaxe? I saw it, looked completely destroyed.

Hello, this is polychromate. And yes that was his claim but I was building a base on it. What happened what I asked him to dig downwards with his draconic staff of power to clear some room for me to build, he accidentally mined upwards which was right were my base was and half of the ME cards fell into the lava below. I didnt make a rollback myself as it was his claim and it would make sense for him to make it. Since a time zone wasnt included it was fine around 3:20 CST.

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