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Pixelmon download fail.


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So today I purchased a pc, set it up, then proceeded to purchase Minecraft java. I then downloaded forge and installed client. Ran it on Minecraft so it was showing forge on the bottom left. I then downloaded pixelmon reforged and placed it in the Minecraft mod file. Reopened Minecraft, instillations, browsed and selected the mod file. After running the mod wasn't available. When I look into it, another mod file is being created within the mod file with nothing in it. I've uninstalled everything numerous times but always get the same result. I can't use technicpack as I don't have a mojang account (not recognising my Microsoft account anyway). If anybody knows what's going on I'd REALLY appreciate the help.

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Hello Joker0collects,

We apologize for the late response to your issue. To clarify, your PC allowed you to install minecraft forge and showed the mods folder upon running it for the first time, and after opening and putting the Pixelmon Mod inside the newly created mods folder in your .minecraft, upon closing minecraft and reopening it with the Pixelmon Mod in that mods folder, it and didn't run with the mod available. Instead it created a mods folder inside the mods folder (Correct in case I am wrong)? Leave a screenshot of the issue if possible s

I have only one proposition that would involve you simply having the Pixelmon Mod inside that newly created mods folder inside of the original one and run it (if you haven't already). If you have tried this already, unfortunately the only thing we can say to do is wait until a modded launcher such as Technic or Curseforge to have the Microsoft accounts integrated with their systems. Most players are still have their Mojang accounts that aren't yet integrated with Microsoft, as Mojang hasn't sent out many integration alerts to its users. If you really want to play, it is possible to play under our Crafters Island Launcher client as a offline(cracked) user, however it is completely your choice. The recommended mods for pixelmon will be found in the launcher, but if you want you use your installation, I will leave you a screenshot of my minecraft forge mods folder for pixelmon.

Screenshot 2021-01-26 090331.png

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