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Claim Rollback Request


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Your Name: Slov3s
Coordinates: -2241, 141
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): Yesterday at 13 PM(GMT-3) problably, i was afk the entire day 
Description of Issue: HDGamerkiller was trusted in my claim, he argued with some friends of ours and got pissed, he threatened demolationer and pedrugostation of using gorgons on them and stole from my claim(When i did literally nothing to them or my friends). He said he stored the stolen stuff back but he did not, theres definately stuff missing from my barrels such as 3 gorgon heads and more
Screenshots (Optional): image.png.3ace96b3b2d388459b04bb34f28168e9.pngimage.png.fcc0feb56ae267de955a2c461f3bf3d0.pngimage.png.50a123c24c970090399e1fcd9b7e7e0f.png

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