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Bloodstone bricks no longer craftable?

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The large bloodstone brick is uncraftable (1 weak blood shard+1 stone = 32 large bloodstone bricks) with weak blood shards where the item number messed up (4707:7 instead of 4707)



making the tier 4 blood alter impossible to make. this is a new issue, as I have been able to make up to tier 5 blood altars until this iteration of the dw20 1.7.10 server.

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clarifying the issue at the top in the hopes someone does take a look at why it is happening
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Okay, this is in fact the issue - some of the weak blood shards came up with the odd # - 4704:7 making them useless for crafting. i have been getting several items that when crafted have a :# at the end and none of them are usable for crafting, in any way. I had a vanilla crafting table have this issue, i had made it from hopseed planks but it should have just been the vanilla table, it looked like it but it has the wrong number. had to craft one from oak to get a working crafting table.


thank you


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