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Your Name: Acrillx
Item Name + Amount: I had a power suit with jetpack upgrade and the energy shield upgrade on all 4 peices and the airtight seal and water electrolyzer and flight control and shock absorber and a resonant flux capacitor and a flux infused pickaxe and 2 heavy oxygen tanks and oxygen gear and a oxygen mask
Coordinates: X: -3682.70000. Y: 73.0 Z: -170.30000
Description of Issue: I was in a corner and when the server did a restart i logged back out and was suffocating and couldnt get out so i didnt die and after i died the server did a restart and i couldnt move because i wasnt able to login but it said i didnt need to and then the server did another restart and i went to look for my stuff but i didnt see it there
Screenshots (Optional): 

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remember more stuff
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