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Refund Request Austin2Amazing


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[Refund Request]*Austin2Amazing*

Your Name: Austin
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

Dragon Scale Armor (Grey) Full Set , Enchantments included on each Armor Piece, Advanced Mending 5 , Unbreaking 3, Advanced Protection 4, My chestplate also had strengthened Vitality 5, and my boots had depth strider 3

My Sword: It was a Iced Dragonbone Rapier with the following enchantments, Supreme Sharpness 5, Advanced Mending 5, Unbreaking 3, Subject P.E 5,  Lifesteal 3or 4 I cant remember this one, Arc Slash 3, Upgraded Potentials

Baubles , I had the Ring Of Regeneration, Ankh Charm, Fairy Ring, Dragons Eye

I had around 40-50 levels

Base Coordinates:  Home spawn

Description of Issue: Upon /home from the /warp raid world , It Instantly killed me saying I suffocated in a wall, now when I respawned and went over to my death the server had wiped all my items away. 
Screenshots (Optional): n/a

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