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Stuck in eternal void


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Hello, my in-game name is iSulley. I just ran into the problem that won't allow me to play on the PureSurvival server anymore. I went into The End. When I went into the end, I placed a block to build my way over to The End island. When I did this, the block disappeared and I fell into the void. I'm stuck in the void and taking damage eternally. I can't teleport to anyone and no one can teleport to me. I need a staff member to teleport me to the spawn area for this to be fixed. Also, when I try and join the PureSurvival server, it tells me to disable the "Fast Math" option in OptiFine. I did this and it didn't fix anything. I now can't log on to the PureSurvival server because it gives me this error (even when not using OptiFine). When i click on the PureSurvival server, it immediately kicks me out with the "fast math" error.

If someone could be as kind to fix this, it would be great because I was really enjoying myself on this server.

Thanks in advance, iSulley


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