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[Buycraft Issue]*Perks Benefits and kits*


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In game name: JokoJose

Proof of Purchase: You can see my in-game rank and the amount of items i can place on the market

Description of Issue: The Market Merchant kit say (Create infinite listings on Market. Sell as many items as you like without limits. Listing will no longer expire.) Well, i keep having items expire on the market forcing me to have to place them back on the market, when they were not supposed to expire. Now when it comes to the premium rank, i keep loosing my Exp levels every time i die. I have reported this so many times and it seems that you guys don't care enough to fix it.  It is false advertisement to not give a perk on a rank or kit you promise. Its strange how when it comes to creative management is extremely over-protecting about that perk, but when it comes to other perks is like they don't care. 

Date/Time of Purchase: Premium i bought like 3 days after i started playing this server and the Market Merchant i bought it like 2 weeks ago or so.

Items/Rank Bought: Market Merchant/Premium

Screenshots (Optional):

Any other important information:


Market Proof.jpg

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