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Garden Cloches Not outputing or growing

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So im new and garden cloches are some of the best things in SF3 so when i made mine i placed him put in my Seeds (ive tried more than one) and they grew but didnt make anything i came look 4 hours later baley anything and they dont output either now they dont grow fast and they still dont output and dont make anything when they grow they do have water and rf the 3 garden cloches are always full of RF+Water do idk what to do and it isnt lag either because the TPS was 20 to 19.87 something like that

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Garden Cloches, as well as barrels and a few others, are kept slow on purpose by the server to reduce stress on the server. They're also known to he buggy as certandus has stated above. It's best to only use them as an early stage seed duplicator. Once you have about 9 make an EnderIO Farming Station and use that from then on out. It'll become really fast with the right setup and you'll never use a cloche again :)


As for the one(s) that broke, I'll be more than happy to refund a couple to your island if you want.

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