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[Refund Request] Kaylaaxx17


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User: kaylaaxx17

time: 2/16-2/17

Item: In-Game Currency about $20,000

Reason: I logged in today and when I looked at my inventory I got the achievement for checking inventory for the first time.

I just thought my achievements were reset randomly like it does sometimes, But later I was going to buy some Blaze Rods because I'm too lazy to kill blazes in the nether but I checked my bal and it was $150... so I checked baltop to see if my name and amount was still up their to see a reference point but it wasn't there.

Proof: unknown.png

This is after I checked baltop, also after buying blaze rods for 50$

I have no clue how this happened so i'm just as confused as anyone else that would look at this

Also my other account EffGod has $0

and my town itself has $64, so the money isn't Misplaced, it was reset somehow.

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