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In-Game Market Issue


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Your Name: LonelySprinkles
Item Name + Amount: A Hardened Satchel called (Apiarist's Dream) filled with several items that would give any player a head start to beekeeping and breeding.
Description of Issue: I marketed the item. The item is no longer on the market and I have not received any funds or warnings pertaining to the market listing.


Last night, I posted a hardened satchel filled with items on the market that pertain to beekeeping and breeding. I logged in this morning to find that the item was no longer on the market so I assumed it had been bought. However, when I went to check my in-game balance, I saw that additional funds had been added. I then proceeded to check the rules to see if there was something I had violated. Given that I am a non-creative player on the server and that I have no town affiliations with anyone who is, I am under the assumption that I haven't violated any server rules. As an added check, I checked to see if my player character had any warnings and saw that I had none. 

Normally, I would just brush this off as a general bug. However, the items within the satchel took a large amount of in-game time to generate. Is there any way that I could at least get those items back or get the funds that I had sold the items for? Thanks!

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