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[Refund Request] TheFlyingBaboons

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Your Name: TheFlyingBaboons
Item Name + Amount: 1 Resonant Portable Tank
Coordinates906, 76, -648
Description of Issue: So, I just did my votes and used up my vote crate keys. Got a total of 3 legendary crate keys, last of which gave me the resonant pack. I /home to get the last of my vote stuff into my chests. My inventory's a bit of a mess, so I press the inventory sort key. One of the resonant items gets picked up by the cursor. I'm like, ok, and put it back into a slot. I press the sort key a couple of times and I hear this breaking noise and one of them is gone. I look in the chat and there's a message saying "[System] Restricted item confiscated. Reason: Creative". So, of course I check the restricted items list because that'd be a strange item to restrict and it's not there.
Screenshots (Optional): I know these screenshots don't really show that I had that specific item in the first place, but I don't exactly go screenshotting every crate roll I get


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Hi, you probably got the Resonant kit from the crate which contains resonant strongbox, portable tank and energy cell.
The item which got removed because banned is the portable tank. We will take a look at the banned items.

I'll post here when your item has been refunded.

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