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Your Name: wdhunter
Item Name + ID + Amount: 5 mob imprisonment tools (1 was a vampire baron and another was a flame spewer or something like that) I also had a 64 cobble gen. Mob fans 5 of them, mob crusher, and mob dupe. My diamond armor which was prot 3 unb 3/ diamond sword sharp 5 loot 3 unb 3. My drill that mined 3x3 blocks. Also had a diamond pic with auto smelt, eff 5, unb 3, fortune 3.
Base coordinates: X: -1624 Y 63 Z-5675
Description of Issue: Two days ago I glitched through the nether multiple times and couldn’t retrieve my items for obvious reasons (nether is too glitchy btw). Today my items despawned randomly when I died in my base. ( I purposely killed my self, then tped back and the stuff was all gone ....)
Screenshots (Optional): Hard to get a screenshot when stuff happens when it’s not suppose too.... 

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