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[Refund Request] Boogoobu


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Your Name: Boogoobu
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

Ultimate Singularity 1x

Coordinates: base coordinate: (x:-52852 z:3691)
Description of Issue: Had everything but the tin singularity for the ultimate singularity. This was being autocrafted as I had linked it up to packagers and unpackagers. I was monitoring the progress. As the tin singularity finished, the ae2 autocrafting said that it was finished crafting. I already checked the packager and unpackager and the items/recipe packages were gone. This has happened a few times when using advanced autocrafting with the packager and unpackagers. The recipe packages would just glitch out and disapear, but the items were insignificant. I do not want to remake the ultimate singularity again. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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